Junior Developer – Central Coast


Website Mogrify

ROLE:               Junior Developer at Mogrify

START:             Immediately

CONTACT:      [email protected], cc’ing [email protected]



This role would be perfect for a 2nd or 3rd year IT student or recent graduate located in the Central Coast. We are looking for…

  • Someone to join the growing technology division of Mogrify working on exciting marketing technology platform builds.
  • Someone that is after an opportunity to learn on the job. We want someone to grow with us.
  • Someone that is confident enough to say, ‘I don’t know how to do that, but I’ll go away and find out’. We absolutely don’t want someone that exaggerates their abilities – we’re happy to take you on the learning journey, but we need to know where we’re starting from!
  • Someone slightly obsessive and with staying power – if you’re the sort of person that fixates on difficult questions and problems, then this work will probably suit you!
  • Ideally someone with an amateur interest in coding outside of any formal study they might be doing – if you’ve worked on coding projects, no matter how limited you think they are, we’re interested.
  • Someone ready to start immediately – we’ve got ambitious timeframes – the earlier you get in contact the higher the chance we’ll get you started!



We’re a Central Coast-based marketing organisation specialising in doing business-to-business marketing for IT companies all over Australia. Our customers are the types of business that do the work you’re training in!

We’ve recently launched our own technology division, aimed at developing marketing technology (Martech) to underpin our processes and offerings to customers.

Our goal is to have our technology division self-sufficient within 6 months of our first platform launch with 2 part-time developers working on feature updates and maintenance.



You’ll start in a fixed-outputs-based contract as the lead developer on a totally new system that we’ve conceptualised and built a spreadsheet-based minimum viable product for. We want to migrate this to a browser-based Martech platform.

With our close guidance, your first output will be to take leadership in quickly laying out the system architecture for the underlying SQL database – you’ll sit with a member of our leadership team to dig out all the information needed, get a handle on what the purpose of the platform is, and why it is useful to us, before summarising the data layout. You’ll be encouraged to ask questions and make suggestions.

Your second output will be coding version 1 of the platform on Microsoft Azure. We don’t expect for you to necessarily have familiarity with Azure or all the coding elements required, and so if you need to take personal time to study them, that is something we’ll be pleased about (as it means you’ll be getting value out of the project in other ways!) Our other developer will be able to provide some technical guidance, having himself gone through this learning process.

Your last output will be to migrate all our existing MVP users on to the new platform for go-live, integrate basic payment functionality and de-bug.

After we’ve launched the platform, you’ll then be engaged in several feature upgrades over the coming months on a fixed-output basis as well as being engaged to work on our other Martech projects.

The role would be perfect for a 2nd or 3rd your IT student or recent graduate. Our goal is to have you taking on a permanent part-time role as soon as possible as revenue from the platforms grows.



  • Drop an email through to Thomas Unwin ([email protected]), cc’ing [email protected]
  • Include your CV and a covering note telling us quickly about yourself, why you’re interested in the role, and what you would love to learn and get out of the role.
  • Hold fast for a call-back!

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

The Mogrify Team

Tip: Always apply to a job if you meet even one point on the criteria, you can't be considered if you don't apply!

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